Just arrived - The new Kink BMX 2025 range of complete bikes

We've just received our first drop of the Kink BMX 2025 range of complete bikes. Kink make some of the highest quality BMX bikes available from 12" junior bikes all the way to up to signature pro level bikes.

Included in this drop are the following bikes:

Kink Roaster 12" BMX bike


The Kink Roaster 2025 bike is the smallest bike in the Kink BMX 2025 range. It  has scaled down geometry of the larger 20" BMX bikes and comes with 12" wheels and a 12.5" long top tube. As younger riders are progressing so quickly these scaled down versions will help youngsters learn new tricks faster and advance in BMX right from the very beginning.

Kink Pump 14" BMX bike

Moving up from the 12" model the Kink Pump 2025 bike has scaled down geometry of the larger 20" BMX bikes but with 14" wheels and a 14.5" long top tube. Just like the 12" model this 14" BMX bike has both the components and geometry scaled down from the full size versions to help young riders continue their BMX journey.

Kink Carve 16" BMX bike

The Kink Carve 2025 model comes in a beautiful iridescent gloss black finish featuring Kink BMX graphics down the full length of the downtube. This is the bike to go for when the 14" BMX bikes are too small but they are not yet tall enough to fit an 18" BMX. 

Kink Kicker 18" BMX bike


The Kink Kicker 2025 bike is the 18" BMX which is suitable for 9 years old and upwards based on average heights. It should be an acceptable size up until around the age of 12 but heights vary to averages so always check the recommended heights. 

Kink Curb 20" BMX bikes

The Kink Curb 20" BMX is the entry level bike in the 2025 range from Kink BMX. It is a great all around first time bike or for someone upgrading from a 16" or 18" bike who is ready to move onto their first full size BMX. The Curb BMX bike is the perfect bike for a rider to start their journey in the world of BMX, learn new tricks and progress their riding.

Kink BMX Launch bikes

The Kink Launch 20" BMX is in the price range for the beginner or intermediate rider. It is the next model up from the Kink Curb and features a slightly longer top tube for taller riders, along with some higher quality components. This is a great first bike or as an upgrade from another 20" bike and it's sure to handle all the demands you can throw at it.

Kink Gap and Gap XL BMX bikes

The Kink Gap steps up from the Launch with stronger and lighter parts making it easier to perform tricks for those riders that are ready to take things to the next level. The Gap has 4130 Chromoly tubing in the frame, fork and handlebars.

Kink Whip and Whip XL BMX bikes

The Kink Whip features many of the parts included on the Kink Gap BMX bike but also has some upgrades including a 100% Chromoly frame and forks. This makes the frame and forks lighter but also makes them stronger giving you the confidence to push your riding to the next level. 

Kink Switch 20" BMX bike


The Kink Switch is an intermediate to high level bike designed for riding street. . The Switch features Mission nylon pegs, a Mission Pace sealed freecoaster hub, 4 piece Chromoly handlebars, and shorter offset forks to help with nose manuals making this one of the best street specific complete bmx bikes available.

Kink Downside 20" BMX Bike

Specifically designed for riding street, the Kink Downside features many of the high end parts from the Kink Switch along with the addition of Kink Imprint CNC aluminium sprocket, Kink 'Williams' 13 butted signature handlebars, Kink Highrise CNC stem, and more.

Kink Williams 20" BMX bike

Not only does the flagship model of the Kink BMX 2025 range stand at the helm, but it also holds the prestigious title of Nathan Williams' signature bike. Boasting signature components from both Kink BMX and Cinema BMX, this high-end street-specific BMX bike is a testament to Williams' legacy.

This bike mirrors the geometry that propelled Nathan Williams to victory, securing gold medals, Nora Cups, and leaving an indelible mark on BMX through groundbreaking video parts.

 You can check out the full range of Kink 2025 complete BMX bikes