Maxxis BMX Tyres and Fist BMX Gloves restock

We've just had in a restock of the very popular Maxxis Folding BMX tyre - the Grifter EXO. This is back in stock in a 2.1" width.

A little more info on these tyres. The Maxxis Grifter tyre is designed for street, park, flatland and vert riding but is by far the most popular choice of park riders across the world. The list of many pro BMX riders who use these tyres includes Olympic Gold BMX Freestyle Medallist Logan Martin. These tyres are made using a casing with 120 TPI (Threads Per Inch) which offers a faster more responsive feel while reducing the weight.

The tyres have a dual compound meaning the tread pattern has different hardnesses which allows it to be really fast while still being grippy when cornering. A lot of BMX riders like to run their tyres at high PSI so these are perfect (go up to 110) for those that want to go that little bit higher for less rolling resistance.

Are folding BMX tyres any good?

Folding BMX tyres  have distinct advantages over conventional tyres. These tyres are foldable so instead of having a wire bead around the edges of the tyre this bead is made from Kevlar fibres making the tyre lighter. This is the big advantage with a foldable BMX tyre. The weight saving on tyres is more significant than other BMX parts due to the effects of rotational weight on the bike. The lightweight kevlar also has the advantage of allowing the tyre to be folded without fear of damaging the bead. Foldable tyres are also useful space wise when travelling if you want to take spares on a trip.

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Maxxis foldable BMX tyre

Also back in stock we have a range of FIST gloves. FIST Handwear have been supplying BMX pro riders like Declan Brooks with protection for their hands for some time so if you're looking for gloves for BMX we have a wide selection at Backyard. We've got the classic Stocker gloves back in stock in red, blue and black. We've also got the Delcan Brooks signature model BMX gloves, the limited edition Chapter 19 soft serve gloves, and the limited edition Chatper 20 Mercy gloves.

Fist gloves feature Clarino, a durable man made synthetic leather, along with conductive threading on the thumb and index fingers so they can be used with your phone without the need to take them off. This is very useful when riding BMX at the skatepark or down the street and you need to make a call or text and not have to worry about removing your gloves.

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