Backyard BMX videos - The Union Tapes with Mark Richards

The legend that is John Dye from Volt BMX hosts The Union Tapes podcast. He started up The Union Tapes as he believed the UK deserved a podcast about UK BMX history that interviews the riders that were actually there and part of the scene. His latest espiode features Hastings legend Mark Richards, the man behind the lens for the early Backyard videos. In this episode Mark talks through campaigning to get Bexhill BMX track built, the early days of BMX freestyle, the first few Backyard BMX videos including the first one Hot Banana Grind, the first real independent UK BMX video, the Backyard Jam contests, King of Concrete BMX competition, riding street with Fuzzy Hall and lots more.

Check out the full indepth and informative interview below. Whilst you're there given Uniton Tapes a like and subscribe and check out previous interviews with BMX legends including the likes of Fids, Stuart King, Zach Shaw, Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla, Tim March, Taj Mihelich and more.