ODI grips and Nutrack inner tubes restock

ODI Bmx grips

We've just got in a restock of the popular ODI BMX grips.

This includes the following models:

ODI longneck SLX PRO grips - flangeless BMX grips in a variety of colours

ODI O grips - back in stock in black, and blue 

ODI bar ends - nylon bar ends for your bmx handlebars in black, blue, green, pink and purple options.

ODI aluminium bar ends - aluminium bar ends in black, blue, red and silver colour options.

ODI hucker grips - available in tan, black, light blue, and also some combo colour options.

BMX inner tubes

We've also taken a restock of inner tubes including all the sizes for kids bmx bikes.

Nutrak 12" inner tube

Nutrak 14" inner tube

Nutrak 16" inner tube

Nutrak 18" inner tube 

We've also got plenty of stock of 20" bmx inner tubes from all your favourite brands like Cult BMX and Federal bikes alongside the self sealing Nutrak inner tubes.