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The original Backyard Skates shop opened in Hastings in October 1989 and was focused on selling BMX bikes, skateboards and street wear. Within a few years we became a lot more dedicated to BMX so dropped the 'Skates' to become just 'Backyard'.

In 1989 BMX was at all time low, there were hardly any competitions, being a sponsored/pro rider was virtually impossible but in spite of this it was my passion so I was determined to make it a success no matter what. In 1992 with the help of the UK BFA (Roy and Diane Winfield) we put on the first Backyard Jam in Hastings. Although BMX wasn't popular at the time those that rode were extremely passionate and many travelled long distances to ride, compete and hang out. News of this event soon spread far and wide and each year the number of riders and spectators grew and grew to the point that we had to stop doing them. The events had become so big that organising them became a logistical nightmare!

During the early 1990's we starting importing videos and rider owned brands. These included Eddie Roman's Ride Like A Man, Dorkin' videos, and brands such as 2B, UGP clothing, and Homeless Bikes. At this time the distribution side of the business was growing so fast that I needed to move the business into a warehouse and set up Seventies Distribution. Within a short amount of time Seventies was distributing brands such as Primo, Hoffman Bikes and started Federal Bikes which become one of the pioneering UK freestyle brands of the time.

By the late 90's the distribution side of the business grew so fast that we ended up closing the Backyard shop to be able to focus all our time on this.

Fast forward to today and we've gone back to our roots by opening an online version of the Backyard store but this time a portion of each sale goes back to the shop or skatepark that you nominate. In the same way that the original Backyard shop created a BMX movement in the 90's we feel these core stores and skateparks are essential for the health of BMX whether it's sponsoring riders and jams, giving advice, fixing bikes or just helping promote BMX to riders young and old. 

By shopping from Backyard you are helping to support those core BMX stores and skateparks and keep BMX in the hands of riders and those passionate about BMX.

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Stuart Dawkins

Backyard BMX Shop 1989