New Cult BMX clothing and Slack BMX magazine

We've just received a new delivery of Cult BMX clothing. 

You can view the full range of Cult BMX UK clothing on our collection page. 

Highlights include the S*** Happens t-shirt, vest and cap.

This photos shows both the front and back of the Cult Shit Happens black T-shirt.  The front shows a small white Cult logo and the back shows a large 'Shit Happens!' logo.
Cult Shit Happens workwear button up vest in black with a small red patch on the bottom left hand side with the Cult logo in White. On the right breast there's a SHIT HAPPENS! logo embroidered in black

The new Cult BMX jacket, a water resistant windbreaker. These feature elastic cuffs, toggle adjustable waistband, drawstring hood and a large zip up front pocket with the Cult BMX logo.

Cult hooded anorak in Black with a half zip at the front as well as a large zip up front pocket. There is a large Cult logo in black on the front pocket.

We've also received a selection of Cult BMX t-shirt and hooded sweatshirts. Click on the image to view the product page.

White Cult t-shirt featuring the 6 colour 'X-Rated' front screen print

Photo showing the front of the Cult T-shirt which features a black and white 'brainwashed' print with a repeating pattern of eyes and faces with the Cult logo at the bottom.

Black Cult 'Burn it down' hooded sweatshirt photographed on a white background. The front black print shows the Cult 'thick' logo above a burning police car.

We've also received issue 2 of Slack BMX magazine. You can add a free copy of this to your order. This features articles on how to slam with Felix Prangenberg, Casey Cased, and Benny Gonzales, interview with the BSD BMX team about the new video and more.

Slack Magazine Issue 2 Front Cover | Backyard UK BMX Shop