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Pull Back or Die book by Kris Fox

Written by Kris Fox from Fast and Loose, Pull Back or Die chronicles the global journey of five BMX riders who share a common bond of not conforming to the mundane routines of everyday life. Hailing from different countries, they found solace in breaking free from the confines of a structured existence. Despite tasting the allure of a "professional" life through Olympic teams and X-Games invitations, they realized that such pursuits left them unfulfilled, longing for a deeper connection with the world around them. Thus, they made the bold decision to relinquish those trappings and embrace a simpler, nomadic lifestyle that allowed them to pursue their true passions.

Initially conceived as a filming project about seeking out the world's most remarkable concrete bowls for BMX riding, their project evolved into an immersive experience that pushed them beyond their comfort zones. By immersing themselves in the essence of their ever-changing surroundings, they discovered the true essence of living. To make ends meet, they entered global contests not for accolades or fame, but simply to cover their basic expenses. Their homes became vans and buses, while parking lots of beaches, skateparks, and graveyards transformed into their sleeping quarters. Covering thousands of miles across continents, they confronted the loneliness, depression, and anxiety that accompany a transient lifestyle. Through their choices and experiences during wild nights of revelry, they learned valuable lessons and found solace in the connections they forged with others.

Pull Back or Die offers a unique blend of humor and introspection, providing an unfiltered and sincere glimpse into the bohemian lifestyle of action sports. These five individuals prioritize nurturing the cultural aspects of their craft over conventional notions of success. Gold medals, corporate sponsorships, or online fame hold no sway over them. Instead, they embrace a mindset that imparts profound insights into the very essence of human existence. They develop an empathetic understanding of life's trials and tribulations, even in the realms previously unknown to their youthful minds. They gain a newfound appreciation for the boundless interconnectedness of our collective existence, prompting them to confront their own vulnerabilities and insecurities.

In essence, Pull Back or Die invites audiences to witness the transformative power of living life on one's own terms. It serves as a testament to the profound growth that can be achieved by embracing authenticity and cultivating self-love. By shedding their protective facades, these riders embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, one that inspires them to connect with the world and its inhabitants on a deeply human level.

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